Arkady Opochansky's photo-exhibition passes "REFLEX of ARCHITECT" in gallery - studio "Album" from June, 7 till July, 15, 2006.

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There are many objects, which symbolize the real city of Saint-Petersburg. The symbols and signs of those objects reflect the emotional and a mental level of its inhabitants, changing their desires and opportunities. But for the people it is more important the living conditions in their city than its signs and symbols. Neither remarkable architecture of the citys buildings nor ragged walls and dirty streets of their city dont make great impression on the people. Only changing the habitual surrounding actives the emotional attitude to the architecture of the city. The wish of changing citys architecture forms reflex. Its stimulation is surface of the city and the result of reflection is the abstract designs for real decisions.

Photos represent overlapping of parallel existing processes of reflection and supervision. The dissonance of inner and outer fillings irritates, but harmony of fillings surprises with coincidence of casual idea and concordant object, but both of them are ideal source reflection.

Opochansky A.
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